My Last Project

My association with the business of providing financial services began 45 years ago when I accepted a position as a account executive trainee with Merrill Lynch. It has been a wonderful career with experiences ranging from that day to branch office manager, expert witness and mediator for FINRA and more than 25 years as a registered investment adviser.

Admittedly, I am getting old, but I am not dead yet. It is time to follow in the footsteps of professor Randy Pausch who made the last lecture his legacy. I am starting out on my last project; the goal of which is to foster the evolution of the business of providing financial services into a new era.
Along with my career in the business of providing financial services there have been a lot of experiences involving leadership and leadership training in community and other business activities. Those experiences form the central thesis for what I believe is our greatest need. Change comes from innovation, litigation and legislation. I have experience in all three areas. Now is the time to build on those experiences and share my insights.
You can contact me and arrange for personal 1-2-1 (One to One)communications or small group motivation and education workshops. You can join me to make the business better for all the people who provide these services and all the people who need financial assistance.